Monday, 30 April 2012

Good Morning! 

I did something this weekend that I'm very proud of.. A rift has existed amongst me and some family members for a few years and this weekend we finally put old ghosts to rest and made up. There was no need to go over old ground, start making the past seem very much part of the future, it was a case of letting sleeping dogs lie. And we've got northern blood, so too much talking about 'feelings' makes us go all weird. It was a thoroughly British-stiff-upper-lip-brush-it-all-under-the-carpet chink of the glasses and a nod to it all being cool.

Its a tough one letting go of a grudge, but for the health and the happiness of the family it was absolutely the right thing to do. No more animosity. Feels good to say that. And its a sunny day. The rain has finally stopped after a seemingly endless month of wet and windy weather. Could the day start off any better? Somethings bound to go wrong.....