Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The Opposite Side of Saturday Morning..

I actually got up and was in the car by 9am on a sunny, chilly autumn Saturday to go to, no not another club, but to a second hand baby clothes sale. Mum and i joined the long queue of eager yummy mummy's and daddy's and prams and prams of baby's and small children. I couldn't believe what we were doing.. its like queuing up for a Next sale isn't it, why bother with all that faff for a couple of quid off?
Once we paid the NCT entry fee of a measly £1.50 and got through the big doors of the town hall, we realised why everyone did this.. It was outrageously cheap. I mean I spent £20 and pretty much got all the bubba's stuff in one swoop.. even the obligitory Christmas outfit. There was lots of pushing and shoving and being nearly at the 8months mark it wasn't the most ideal scenario for me.. but hell, I'd push through anyone for a 50p pack of bibs.

Its worrying though. For me. Is this what life has become?? A world of going to clothes sales, getting up early, having no sleep, being stupid all the time, having no money, having breakfast in the middle of the night, being a role-model for a small person... Life really is going to change.. But you know what? To be perfectly honest... I'm quite up for it. Its quite exciting. Its my chance to behave like a kid again. But obviously I'll have a firm assertive voice while I am making houses out of the living room sofa..