Monday, 10 November 2008

music for our small people..

Something that isn't at all new to any of us, or actually may be new to some of us (why am I so presumptuous?), is that babies in tummies react and can be known to be smarter having listened to different music. Whether its classical, folk, classic rock or disco our baby's just love music music. Alpha waves in our little babies brain are actually stimulated while listening to music, this creates a feeling of calm in the little bubba, which I'm sure you'll agree can only be a good thing.

My baby seems to like a variation on all themes.. Thank god. I hope that continues out of the womb, as I, like many of my pals like to have a boogie and I'd definitely want my baby to have a dance too.. I'm currently listening to Fan Death.. and there has been a bit of a reaction.. not sure if that was a get it off move or a great lets dance movement.
Another band that seems to be going down quite well is these guys.. the baby seems to love them. Lots of wriggles every time i play Walking On A Dream.

But really, as much as I want my baby to love all the music I love.. its pretty unlikely isn't it? i mean i hated my mums music taste.. but I love it now.. it takes a while perhaps. But we do seem to be breaking down barriers between the generations so maybe the little tyke might, just might, like my music taste.

My boyfriend got some decks the other week and wants us to play breaks to the youngan in my tum so they get used to it!

A friends baby was at a party at the weekend (no smoking inside) and was quite happy being passed around all the characters for a quick cuddle.

Its this sociable element that is just so wonderful. I know that when i was a small one I loved a party. Apart from the one where, according to my mum, i crawled under the table and pulled the plug on the record player.. can't have been a good tune.

But at the end of the day, our little babies just love a good lullaby. I started singing Humpty Dumpty but apparently that isn't a lullaby. Oh right. I didn't really know what one was, but then when i looked into it.. of course I did. What makes my bubba have even more or a wriggle is when i sing Windmill in Old Amsterdam - have a look at this and it might jog your memory.. My baby has a massive wriggle at the mouse with clogs on bit. Apparently they love to listen to their mummy sing, whether you can sing in tune or not, phew.

I urge you to try it.