Wednesday, 17 September 2008

I'm back...

What's been happening? Where have you been? Gosh you’re lazy Daisy.. yes, yes… I know. But really, the past couple of months have been a nightmare.. not without the fun bit inbetween.. but to give you a brief overview of what has been going on…

I went on holiday to the city of sin, felt weird not being able to sin, broke up with my boyfriend, got back together with my boyfriend, was made homeless, had a million trillion conversations with the council, got found somewhere to live, new home was infested with fleas, moved in with a friend, fleas were also made homeless (probably killed, but I feel better about it if I think they were treated in a humane way), had a row with my boyfriend, mum's gone backwards 30 years and become someone's flat-mate, made up with boyfriend,  went to the hospital for scans, I have placenta pravia (apparently means the placenta is blocking the uterus - will explain later) but anyway.., new home was ready to move into, whoo hoo, a day before I was going on holiday, moved in to new place, felt weird, stayed first night on my own, find out neighbours opposite fashion themselves on Mad Max at 4.30am, was scary, bump got bigger, people started noticing, went on the best holiday ever, had a glass or two of rose wine every night (is that bad??), got back, am here.

That was my summer. Am now in the 3rd and last trimester – bloody hell.....(strange swishing sounds, tumbleweed rolling down empty streets)....... Its so strange how people tell you how much you have to enjoy all of your pregnancy (‘just enjoy it, its time to put your feet up’. Sorry but who are you? Imaginary perfect person?), but I had too much to do to enjoy that bit. We can’t all paint the nursery and start nesting when we have no-where to nest and nothing to paint. So what anyway? The baby could be sleeping in a beach hut, but as long as I am there with the bosom breakfast lunch and dinner I don’t think they’ll mind. Heck they won’t even remember.

But hopefully from now on I’ll be on an even keel, it’ll be plain sailing, piece of … ahem .. Over the last 3 months of this pregnancy I’ll try and post some normal pregnancy happenings and how and if I'm managing to do it all in an eco friendly way… but if not, lets hope it’ll be entertaining.