Monday, 10 November 2008

music for our small people..

Something that isn't at all new to any of us, or actually may be new to some of us (why am I so presumptuous?), is that babies in tummies react and can be known to be smarter having listened to different music. Whether its classical, folk, classic rock or disco our baby's just love music music. Alpha waves in our little babies brain are actually stimulated while listening to music, this creates a feeling of calm in the little bubba, which I'm sure you'll agree can only be a good thing.

My baby seems to like a variation on all themes.. Thank god. I hope that continues out of the womb, as I, like many of my pals like to have a boogie and I'd definitely want my baby to have a dance too.. I'm currently listening to Fan Death.. and there has been a bit of a reaction.. not sure if that was a get it off move or a great lets dance movement.
Another band that seems to be going down quite well is these guys.. the baby seems to love them. Lots of wriggles every time i play Walking On A Dream.

But really, as much as I want my baby to love all the music I love.. its pretty unlikely isn't it? i mean i hated my mums music taste.. but I love it now.. it takes a while perhaps. But we do seem to be breaking down barriers between the generations so maybe the little tyke might, just might, like my music taste.

My boyfriend got some decks the other week and wants us to play breaks to the youngan in my tum so they get used to it!

A friends baby was at a party at the weekend (no smoking inside) and was quite happy being passed around all the characters for a quick cuddle.

Its this sociable element that is just so wonderful. I know that when i was a small one I loved a party. Apart from the one where, according to my mum, i crawled under the table and pulled the plug on the record player.. can't have been a good tune.

But at the end of the day, our little babies just love a good lullaby. I started singing Humpty Dumpty but apparently that isn't a lullaby. Oh right. I didn't really know what one was, but then when i looked into it.. of course I did. What makes my bubba have even more or a wriggle is when i sing Windmill in Old Amsterdam - have a look at this and it might jog your memory.. My baby has a massive wriggle at the mouse with clogs on bit. Apparently they love to listen to their mummy sing, whether you can sing in tune or not, phew.

I urge you to try it.


Wednesday, 5 November 2008

An Historic Day.

I'm smiling from ear to ear for the people of the US and the people of the world. Think that this baby was also aware that change was afoot as I was sleeping last night, or not as it so happens.. The baby in my tummy was dancing about most of the night.. keeping me awake and making me need the loo about 5 times! I feel like there is no more room for the baby and all my stuff.. my tummy feels like its stretching beyond all proportions.. Is there really 5 more weeks to go??!!

Anyway, I urge you to sign the banner for President elect Obama.

Lets hope that environmental and human right changes begin before its too late..

On another note I start my anti-natal classes this week.. will let you know how that goes..


Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The Opposite Side of Saturday Morning..

I actually got up and was in the car by 9am on a sunny, chilly autumn Saturday to go to, no not another club, but to a second hand baby clothes sale. Mum and i joined the long queue of eager yummy mummy's and daddy's and prams and prams of baby's and small children. I couldn't believe what we were doing.. its like queuing up for a Next sale isn't it, why bother with all that faff for a couple of quid off?
Once we paid the NCT entry fee of a measly £1.50 and got through the big doors of the town hall, we realised why everyone did this.. It was outrageously cheap. I mean I spent £20 and pretty much got all the bubba's stuff in one swoop.. even the obligitory Christmas outfit. There was lots of pushing and shoving and being nearly at the 8months mark it wasn't the most ideal scenario for me.. but hell, I'd push through anyone for a 50p pack of bibs.

Its worrying though. For me. Is this what life has become?? A world of going to clothes sales, getting up early, having no sleep, being stupid all the time, having no money, having breakfast in the middle of the night, being a role-model for a small person... Life really is going to change.. But you know what? To be perfectly honest... I'm quite up for it. Its quite exciting. Its my chance to behave like a kid again. But obviously I'll have a firm assertive voice while I am making houses out of the living room sofa..

Friday, 24 October 2008

Rants and Stretch Marks..

I went into the maternity section of Topshop on Oxford Street the other day.. I know, its not the most eco-friendly of shops but I am poor and really want a swimsuit that isn't a) second hand or, b) hugely expensive.. So Topshop it is.. Sorry if that is letting the side down, but all I want is a bloody swimsuit! Anyway, seem to be trying to justify that to myself... but it is beautifully laid out and looks like a proper clothes shop, not a special maternity shop with rubbish clothes..

Anyway, I walked up to the changing room with my swimsuits... there is a queue of pregnant women, about 4 of us.. and a big sofa . But who is sitting on the sofa I hear you ask? Men. Yep, the HaB's. The Husbands and Boyfriends of the women trying stuff on. Now, I'm not one for kicking people out of their seats, but it drives me insane when a man doesn't get up for a pregnant woman on public transport. Strangely, its usually the women who do that. I realise that I'll be waiting in this queue a while and am exhausted, Oxford Street on a Saturday, what was I thinking?? So I ask one of the guys if they could move up so I could sit down.. I was met with a look of disqust.. This bloke said to me 'can't you sit there?' pointing to the middle and very uncomfy bit of the sofa.. What? WHAT? 'Are you serious?' I replied. To which he aggressively moved over huffing and puffing.. His lady friend then appeared, the poor poor woman. All the women in the queue and me looked at her with a serious look of.. how can I put this, yep theres only one word to use.. pity. We pitied her. What a bloke. Doesn't want to stand up for pregnant women and would probably be the kind of guy who would scream and shout at his pregnant girlfriend, never thinking of the consequences. Nice.

Rant over. I promise.

I'm now 32 weeks pregnant and still cannot believe what is happening.. My tummy is getting massive and so are the boobs.. I have been given lots of advice on stretch marks, as you will too.

Best advice? Moisturise with an oil all the time. Like EVERYDAY. It may not work for everyone. But it feels nice. My tummy looks pretty smooth but my boobs are like starfish.. quite hilarious.

Here's a couple of nice eco products I've been using:

Bio-Oil, that expensive stuff in Boots that you either have to ask for from behind the counter if you live in a dodgy part of London or is in a funny plastic box. Really it does work. Firstly forget the price, you're giving up drinking for over 9months, probably never going out and have a penchant for daytime TV, so spending £40 over this period on a nice oil is nothing. If you massage it daily, morning and night time, into your tummy, boobs and bum, not only does it feel nice for you, your baby will be getting a special little massage that they will love once they come out of your tummy. Its pretty green too ..

Neals Yard also do a wonderful Mothers range that I've been introduced to by a lovely friend.
They use all natural ingredients and also smell divine. They know the oils that pregnant women can have so you don't have to worry that you're gonna pass out from too much lavender. Being 100% organic makes this a pretty good bet. For £12.99 for the massage oil, its a bit of a treat but its very relaxing for you and bubba.

Next week... we'll be having a look at nappies and other baby stuff.. and i will have gone to a real life baby sale.. oh god, what am I letting myself in for..

bye x

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Birth Plan...

The end is in sight. The Birth Plan has started. Ahhhh!!

So, here are the options...
- Natural birth (the obstetrician uses the word vaginal birth.. gross) with no painkillers
- Natural birth with gas and air
- Natural Birth with epidural (an injection in your spine that kills all pain instantly)
- Natural birth with epidural, the baby pulled out using ventouse (that's a suction plastic thing that yanks the baby out by the top of the head - leaving them with cone head also called vacuum-assisted vaginal delivery) and forceps (scary looking massive metal tweezers used to pull out the baby).
- Cesarean birth.

Obviously, I wanted to follow the natural birth route - I wanted to join the birth gang, the women who have suffered for the next generation, to fulfil my job as a woman.. but due to my weird brain i had my options somewhat diminished.. It was either natural birth with epidural using those forceps and that weird ventose or Cesarean. Wow, what an array of special choices! But i thought about it... and thought about it some more and thought that if any woman had a 'choice' I doubt anyone would 'choose' to have their baby delivered with a contraption that left them with a pointy head.. surely that would only be a last option, an emergency.. not a considered choice? But a c-section was hardly a considered choice either. I met someone the other day who had been delivered by ventouse and still had a pointy head.. he is 30.

Having read some literature on the subject I found that in the UK 14 in 100,000 women die during childbirth, in developing countries that figure jumps to a terrifying 440 in 100,000 which we must agree is down to the availability of the emergency c-section in the western world. However, there are also risks with going for the full op.. risks of hemorrhage and infection etc. The doctor and the patient (that's me) has to take into account all of these factors and make a choice. So, I realised that I was not in the too posh to push category but in a completely different category of not being allowed to push on medical grounds.

That did it, I was going for the full op, the c-section. But how green can that really be?? Am I making an incredibly un-green choice?

There seems to be very little reading material on the net regarding how green medical operations are. But what I do know is that if I'm around then the baby will be leading a far greener life than if I wasn't. I will be bringing up my baby to be ethically aware and I will be ethically conscious with all the choices I have to make.

So what if I can't push the baby out of the conventional route, I'm sure there are many millions of women who do and who also use the full 5,000 nappies during the babies lifetime that take 500years each to biodegrade, don't switch their fuel suppliers, buy and throw away millions of tons of plastic toys/baby baths etc.. Where as I, ecomummy, will be living and breathing ethicalness (well, I will try my best..)


Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Renewable Energy

Have a look at this site...
Incredible people trying to get some kind of world view on renewable energy.

COMING UP THIS WEEK ON ECOMUM... Green views from the eco-fairies.. yey! They give ecomum eco ideas for pregnant women.. Ace.


Wednesday, 17 September 2008

I'm back...

What's been happening? Where have you been? Gosh you’re lazy Daisy.. yes, yes… I know. But really, the past couple of months have been a nightmare.. not without the fun bit inbetween.. but to give you a brief overview of what has been going on…

I went on holiday to the city of sin, felt weird not being able to sin, broke up with my boyfriend, got back together with my boyfriend, was made homeless, had a million trillion conversations with the council, got found somewhere to live, new home was infested with fleas, moved in with a friend, fleas were also made homeless (probably killed, but I feel better about it if I think they were treated in a humane way), had a row with my boyfriend, mum's gone backwards 30 years and become someone's flat-mate, made up with boyfriend,  went to the hospital for scans, I have placenta pravia (apparently means the placenta is blocking the uterus - will explain later) but anyway.., new home was ready to move into, whoo hoo, a day before I was going on holiday, moved in to new place, felt weird, stayed first night on my own, find out neighbours opposite fashion themselves on Mad Max at 4.30am, was scary, bump got bigger, people started noticing, went on the best holiday ever, had a glass or two of rose wine every night (is that bad??), got back, am here.

That was my summer. Am now in the 3rd and last trimester – bloody hell.....(strange swishing sounds, tumbleweed rolling down empty streets)....... Its so strange how people tell you how much you have to enjoy all of your pregnancy (‘just enjoy it, its time to put your feet up’. Sorry but who are you? Imaginary perfect person?), but I had too much to do to enjoy that bit. We can’t all paint the nursery and start nesting when we have no-where to nest and nothing to paint. So what anyway? The baby could be sleeping in a beach hut, but as long as I am there with the bosom breakfast lunch and dinner I don’t think they’ll mind. Heck they won’t even remember.

But hopefully from now on I’ll be on an even keel, it’ll be plain sailing, piece of … ahem .. Over the last 3 months of this pregnancy I’ll try and post some normal pregnancy happenings and how and if I'm managing to do it all in an eco friendly way… but if not, lets hope it’ll be entertaining.


Tuesday, 8 July 2008

3 months on..

well, here it is. the big scan. the scan after which you can tell all your dear friends… but i’ve told most of them already. meeting up with mates with the specific intent to get on it, only i’m drinking apple juice with ice and a slice. and won’t be drinking for a while… its pretty obvious isn’t it?? also, the fact that my boobs have become humungous is also a sure fire hit sign that there’s more to the half a stone weight gain than meets the eye…
had a terribly early appointment time… so felt quite horrid having to drag myself out of bed and to the hospital… but it was a beautiful morning.. a loveland day as one of my friends calls sunny days. Cute.
all seemed to go well. the baby did usual baby things like turn its back on us as soon as we started the scan. already picked up its mothers stubborn streak. then we had quite a bit of wriggling about, waving, clapping, leg shakes.. a bit of a party down there. a party for one. or perhaps the baby knew we were having a nose and decided to show us all their tricks… who knows. it was nice. the finale was seeing the little thing appear to suck its thumb. either that or it was picking its nose…
i thought they were the best baby-in-the-tummy pictures ever, my mum said that’s because it’s my baby. whatever.
during that three months the sickness never really stopped... it was constant. morning sickness they call it.. bah. its all day, every day sickness. truly horrid. what helped? i hear you cry... not a lot to be perfectly honest. a visit to the doctor for anti-nausea drugs was not on the list of things to do, certainly not. i don't want a load of pharmacuticals messing around with my baby. but i did go on some tried and tested natural routes..
- ginger biscuits - tasty and mildly beneficial, but too many and you're feeling worse than you did before you had one.
- digestive biscuits before you get out of bed in the morning - bit of light relief
- a biscuit when you get up for the loo in the night-time - what is that all about??? umpteen toilet stops during the night? 'to get you in the habit of getting up for your baby at night'. erm thanks, but i'm sure i'll be getting plenty of practice during the actual baby time, right now, when the little one is in my tummy i want to sleep forever.
- meals little and often - i was always hungry and eating, so this made no sense.
- travel sickness bands - actually quite good little things even though they make it seem as though you have a hole in each wrist once you wake up in the morning.. but i have a feeling they are more of a distraction technique.. but i didn't care. on they went every night.
- cereal - morning noon and night. pretty much all i could eat. check out my baby with all the super nutrients.
- bed - to be perfectly honest. laying in bed, watching rubbish tv was the best cure. doing absolutely nothing. sweet FA. nada. whilst listening to the dulcet tones of the pneumatic drill in the house conversion next door. bliss.
so, there you have it. a pretty rubbish guide as to what kind of helps that constant nausea.

see you next time.

daisy x