Friday, 24 October 2008

Rants and Stretch Marks..

I went into the maternity section of Topshop on Oxford Street the other day.. I know, its not the most eco-friendly of shops but I am poor and really want a swimsuit that isn't a) second hand or, b) hugely expensive.. So Topshop it is.. Sorry if that is letting the side down, but all I want is a bloody swimsuit! Anyway, seem to be trying to justify that to myself... but it is beautifully laid out and looks like a proper clothes shop, not a special maternity shop with rubbish clothes..

Anyway, I walked up to the changing room with my swimsuits... there is a queue of pregnant women, about 4 of us.. and a big sofa . But who is sitting on the sofa I hear you ask? Men. Yep, the HaB's. The Husbands and Boyfriends of the women trying stuff on. Now, I'm not one for kicking people out of their seats, but it drives me insane when a man doesn't get up for a pregnant woman on public transport. Strangely, its usually the women who do that. I realise that I'll be waiting in this queue a while and am exhausted, Oxford Street on a Saturday, what was I thinking?? So I ask one of the guys if they could move up so I could sit down.. I was met with a look of disqust.. This bloke said to me 'can't you sit there?' pointing to the middle and very uncomfy bit of the sofa.. What? WHAT? 'Are you serious?' I replied. To which he aggressively moved over huffing and puffing.. His lady friend then appeared, the poor poor woman. All the women in the queue and me looked at her with a serious look of.. how can I put this, yep theres only one word to use.. pity. We pitied her. What a bloke. Doesn't want to stand up for pregnant women and would probably be the kind of guy who would scream and shout at his pregnant girlfriend, never thinking of the consequences. Nice.

Rant over. I promise.

I'm now 32 weeks pregnant and still cannot believe what is happening.. My tummy is getting massive and so are the boobs.. I have been given lots of advice on stretch marks, as you will too.

Best advice? Moisturise with an oil all the time. Like EVERYDAY. It may not work for everyone. But it feels nice. My tummy looks pretty smooth but my boobs are like starfish.. quite hilarious.

Here's a couple of nice eco products I've been using:

Bio-Oil, that expensive stuff in Boots that you either have to ask for from behind the counter if you live in a dodgy part of London or is in a funny plastic box. Really it does work. Firstly forget the price, you're giving up drinking for over 9months, probably never going out and have a penchant for daytime TV, so spending £40 over this period on a nice oil is nothing. If you massage it daily, morning and night time, into your tummy, boobs and bum, not only does it feel nice for you, your baby will be getting a special little massage that they will love once they come out of your tummy. Its pretty green too ..

Neals Yard also do a wonderful Mothers range that I've been introduced to by a lovely friend.
They use all natural ingredients and also smell divine. They know the oils that pregnant women can have so you don't have to worry that you're gonna pass out from too much lavender. Being 100% organic makes this a pretty good bet. For £12.99 for the massage oil, its a bit of a treat but its very relaxing for you and bubba.

Next week... we'll be having a look at nappies and other baby stuff.. and i will have gone to a real life baby sale.. oh god, what am I letting myself in for..

bye x