Tuesday, 8 July 2008

3 months on..

well, here it is. the big scan. the scan after which you can tell all your dear friends… but i’ve told most of them already. meeting up with mates with the specific intent to get on it, only i’m drinking apple juice with ice and a slice. and won’t be drinking for a while… its pretty obvious isn’t it?? also, the fact that my boobs have become humungous is also a sure fire hit sign that there’s more to the half a stone weight gain than meets the eye…
had a terribly early appointment time… so felt quite horrid having to drag myself out of bed and to the hospital… but it was a beautiful morning.. a loveland day as one of my friends calls sunny days. Cute.
all seemed to go well. the baby did usual baby things like turn its back on us as soon as we started the scan. already picked up its mothers stubborn streak. then we had quite a bit of wriggling about, waving, clapping, leg shakes.. a bit of a party down there. a party for one. or perhaps the baby knew we were having a nose and decided to show us all their tricks… who knows. it was nice. the finale was seeing the little thing appear to suck its thumb. either that or it was picking its nose…
i thought they were the best baby-in-the-tummy pictures ever, my mum said that’s because it’s my baby. whatever.
during that three months the sickness never really stopped... it was constant. morning sickness they call it.. bah. its all day, every day sickness. truly horrid. what helped? i hear you cry... not a lot to be perfectly honest. a visit to the doctor for anti-nausea drugs was not on the list of things to do, certainly not. i don't want a load of pharmacuticals messing around with my baby. but i did go on some tried and tested natural routes..
- ginger biscuits - tasty and mildly beneficial, but too many and you're feeling worse than you did before you had one.
- digestive biscuits before you get out of bed in the morning - bit of light relief
- a biscuit when you get up for the loo in the night-time - what is that all about??? umpteen toilet stops during the night? 'to get you in the habit of getting up for your baby at night'. erm thanks, but i'm sure i'll be getting plenty of practice during the actual baby time, right now, when the little one is in my tummy i want to sleep forever.
- meals little and often - i was always hungry and eating, so this made no sense.
- travel sickness bands - actually quite good little things even though they make it seem as though you have a hole in each wrist once you wake up in the morning.. but i have a feeling they are more of a distraction technique.. but i didn't care. on they went every night.
- cereal - morning noon and night. pretty much all i could eat. check out my baby with all the super nutrients.
- bed - to be perfectly honest. laying in bed, watching rubbish tv was the best cure. doing absolutely nothing. sweet FA. nada. whilst listening to the dulcet tones of the pneumatic drill in the house conversion next door. bliss.
so, there you have it. a pretty rubbish guide as to what kind of helps that constant nausea.

see you next time.

daisy x